We are media professionals and researchers who get our thrills from building online communities with thoughtful digital content.  Our work is grounded in academic research, journalistic rigor and a desire to always be on the cutting-edge of innovation.

The company was inspired by summer races aboard our Skunk 11. A reliable sailing dinghy, the Skunk is hard to tip in rough weather and crosses the finish line with determination even when the wind seems to all but disappear from her sails.

Our name also embodies the spirit of the skunkworks project, where research informs innovation. At Skunk, we’re always looking to cast off the bow lines on new ideas, techniques and technologies to test their seaworthiness.

Our work is editorial and commercial. Our clients range from small magazines to large music festivals. If you’re looking for social media strategy and management – whether for an event or an ongoing strategic voyage – let’s chat.

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